Waypoint Solutions provides a comprehensive outsourced solution for your finance and accounting operations from transactional processing to CFO services.

Real Relief for Your Business Accounting

Waypoint empowers you to redirect time and money from back-office accounting operations into growing your business. 

Our unique, technology-driven processes and experienced professionals deliver a fully managed, customizable and scalable solution that provides an exceptional level of financial insight and control.


Core Beliefs

  • We believe in-house accounting departments are outdated.
  • Outsourcing delivers expertise and flexibility.
  • We earn the designation “trusted business advisor” through our consistent dedication, service and knowledge.

Accounting for businesses is our only business.

Choose Waypoint, Not Worry

Avoid a host of problems and risks that plague business owners who try to manage accounting responsibilities without expert, independent assistance.

  • Did your controller or bookkeeper leave without documenting accounting procedures?
  • Are you being taken advantage of in an area where you lack expertise?
  • Does one employee hold too much proprietary knowledge?
  • Is your staff spending time on accounting that could be devoted to more beneficial activities?
  • Are you spending more than necessary by handling your accounting internally?
  • Are you making business decisions based on inaccurate or out of date information?
  • Do you worry about losing accounting personnel?
  • Is one key individual doing so much that there is no meaningful separation of duties?
  • Do you lack complete trust in your accounting personnel?
  • Are your business processes inefficient?
  • Do you have to make business decisions without professional accounting oversight and expert financial advice?

The answer to all of these questions can be “NO!”

By working with Waypoint Solutions, you’ll gain the confidence that comes from having a professional, affordable and dependable accounting team handling all the details and always ready to give you knowledgeable advice when you need it.

Our Vision


Running a business can take the focus away from growing a business. Often, too much energy and too many resources are devoted to back-office operational accounting functions.

Waypoint’s founders believed that there had to be a better way. Gregg Kaufman and Jeff Seargeant, both Certified Public Accountants with 25 years of experience each, developed the Waypoint outsourced accounting solution to take full advantage of the advances in cloud-based accounting solutions and digital technology applications. This gives business owners access to the kind of support and guidance that’s usually only available to large companies. Learn more about our founders.