Our process sets the course for smooth sailing in your accounting back office. It’s all about Team, Technology and Technique.



Our dedicated TEAM of accounting experts manages your specific accounting needs with knowledge and best practice processes. We provide the right mix of low-level, mid-level and experienced accounting oversight in a scalable solution. Your accounting support team includes an accountant supervised by a controller-level expert and personal attention from a Waypoint Partner.



Our TECHNOLOGY makes it easy for you to get the macro and micro view of your company. The Waypoint solution includes access to cloud-based technology in accounting systems, electronic payments, paperless document management systems, all with iPad or laptop access. Custom dashboards provide real-time access to financial results and key performance indicators, 24/7.



Our TECHNIQUE begins with a thorough analysis of your accounting functions. Once complete, we develop custom procedures and a checklist for all of your financial tasks. This information is documented and integrated into our fully automated workflow. Each task is tracked and ongoing electronic notifications let you know what work is in process. Tasks are reviewed by multiple levels of team members to ensure accuracy. Regularly scheduled meetings with your Waypoint partner allows for a thorough review of your financial operations.


Our powerful process, supported by robust technology, automates your accounting functions, and keeps you informed.



Our initial assessment helps us capture and understand your business processes. At no cost to you, we review your infrastructure (software, internal processes and staff) and your financial reporting. The process also allows you to get to know us, our capabilities, and how we will work together.



Based on our assessment, we will design a customized solution incorporating best of breed technologies that allows us to manage your accounting and finance processes. Our proposal will include defining the scope of services and recommend new and existing technologies. This Service Level Agreement will be based on a monthly fixed fee arrangement and is cancelable at any time.



During the implementation phase, we will develop and document operational procedures and checklists. This information is integrated into all of your Waypoint Solution technology applications including a cloud based accounting system, online bill payment services, electronic workflow system, and paperless document management system. Each application is thoroughly tested before going live. We’ll keep you informed of our progress throughout the implementation process.


Our team of dedicated professionals consists of accountants, bookkeepers, controllers and CPAs use the latest technology to provide the following services:

Financial Reporting

  • We work with you to identify which information and reports you need to make sound business decisions. Then we provide these reports, accurately and up-to-date–weekly, monthly or quarterly as required. Our dashboard reporting system allows you to understand your business’s performance trends at a glance.

Financial Advisory

  • CFO services, planning and analysis, decision support, and forecasting.

Accounts Receivable and Billing

  • Invoicing, deposits, tracking receivables—there is nothing more sensitive than a company’s relationship with their customers. We can work with you to automate and track this important process.

Accounts Payable

  • Our automated bill pay systems allows you to pay bills from anywhere either electronically or by paper check. Bills can come directly to us or you can scan, fax or email them to our document management system. This online system routes bills for approval to anyone within your organization.

Business Cash Management and Budgeting

  • While you don’t have a crystal ball to determine where your business is going, you do have access to financial expertise with Waypoint Solutions. We provide cash flow analysis, forecasting and budgeting services so that you understands your financial position and are clear about your cash position.

Payroll Outsourcing and Processing

  • We can handle as much or as little of the payroll process as you choose. Setting up employees, managing timesheets, processing payroll, and recording payroll activity into your accounting system—we will work with you to meet your needs. We also include the complete recording of gross wages, employer taxes and other payroll expenses, payroll liabilities and reconciliation and general ledger balances to payroll reports.

Banking and Credit Card Account Reconciliation

  • This service ensures you always know exactly what is coming in and going out of each of your accounts. Our reconciliation service reviews all uncleared balances and ensures balances are correct so that your month-end close is quicker and more accurate.

Sales Tax, Payroll Tax, Business License Tax and Business Property Tax Reporting

  • Don’t put your business at risk. Business filings must be complete, accurate and filed on time to avoid penalties and late filing fees. Use experienced resources who manage these documents every day to avoid risk.